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The initiator and organizer of the MUZYCZNE ORŁY International Competition is the “Muzyka do Potęgi” Foundation. As part of its statutory activity, the Foundation recognized the need for launching a unique, prestigious undertaking aimed to honour outstanding achievements in the discipline of musical arts, commonly understood as classical music. The Competition Award Committee will feature prominent artists from the world of classical music, with rich artistic legacy, including pedagogues of higher education music institutions as well as renowned instrumentalists and authors. The Award Committee shall grant the honorary statuette of MUZYCZNY ORZEŁ, as well as honourable mentions–diplomas (gold, silver and bronze) to the people or institutions from the world of classical music who will present, over the course of the competition proceedings, outstanding achievements – artistic, scientific and educational, accomplished in the preceeding year. Please read carefully the competition rules and enter your achievements for as many as nine categories, both Polish and foreign ones!

The grand ceremony of presenting the competition awards, which is a great celebration of classical music as well, takes place in the building of the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódź (Poland) in the third quarter of the year.

Let the music resound, since it is as powerful as it can multiply beauty in people!