The initiator and organizer of the 1st edition of the MUZYCZNE ORŁY International Competition is the “Muzyka do Potęgi” Foundation. As part of its statutory activity, the Foundation saw the need for launching a unique, prestigious undertaking aimed to honour outstanding achievements in the discipline of musical arts, commonly understood as classical music. The Competition Award Committee will feature prominent artists from the world of classical music, with rich artistic legacy, including pedagogues of higher education music institutions as well as renowned instrumentalists and authors. The Award Committee shall grant the honorary statuette of MUZYCZNY ORZEŁ, as well as honourable mentions–diplomas (gold, silver and bronze) to the people and/or institutions from the world of classical music who will present, over the course of the competition proceedings, outstanding achievements –artistic, scientific and educational, accomplished in 2020. Please read carefully the competition rules and enter your achievements for as many as nine categories, both Polish and foreign ones.

The Gala ceremony of presenting the competition awards, which will hopefully become a great celebration of classical music as well, shall take place in the building of the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódź (Poland) in the 3rd quarter of 2021, of which all concerned shall be informed in due time.

So let music resound! Since music is as powerful as it can multiply beauty in people!

The deadline for Candidates’ entries is 27 th June 2021.


The statuette of MUZYCZNY ORZEŁ is entirely made of bronze and placed on the brass stand. It shows a figure symbolizing an orchestra conductor proudly honouring renowned musicians after a finished concert, to the accompaniment of loudly applauding concert listeners. It is an original concept successfully materialized by the eminent Cracow sculptor Marek Stankiewicz.

Marek Stankiewicz was born in Nowy Targ in 1972. In 1998, he graduated from the Sculpture Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he studied under the guidance of Prof. Józef Sękowski. He has made and exhibited graphic works created with the use of the monotype technique. As a sculptor, he specializes in metal techniques, mainly bronze, though he is also keen on working in stone. Among his works there are numerous awards, well-known from the media, which were given during galas and festivals. They were presented to the biggest Polish music stars,  poets, writers, people of culture and art, business people, and even to the heads of states.

The dimensions of the statuette:


  1. The Organizer of the 3rd edition of the “MUZYCZNE ORŁY” International Competition, hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”, is the Fundacja “Muzyka do Potęgi”, based in Wiśniowa Góra (95-020), ul. Tyrolska 3A, KRS number 0000781568, registered by the District Court in Łódź-Śródmieście, XX Commercial Division of the National Court Register, NIP number 7282837355, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.
    1. 1 The Co-organizer of the 3rd edition of the “MUZYCZNE ORŁY” Competition is the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic of Łódź, based in Łódź (90-135), ul. Narutowicza 20/22.
  2. The honorary award of the “MUZYCZNE ORŁY” statuette and honourable mentions for outstanding artistic, academic and educational achievements are granted as part of the Competition in the discipline of musical arts, in the field commonly understood as classical music.
  1. The aims of the “MUZYCZNE ORŁY” Competition comprise the following:
  • honouring prominent individualities and institutions from the world of classical music, representing particular categories of musical arts, in the process of comparing their musical, artistic, academic and educational achievements,
  • promoting artistic, academic and educational musical activity in the field of high culture,
  • promoting classical music in Poland and abroad,
  • promoting exceptional undertakings in music culture, along with their originators and producers, as well as projects intended to develop new values and search for original and innovative means of artistic expression,
  • supporting educational and popular science activities in the domain of classical music.


Entries for the competition, pursuant to the Rules and Regulations, should be sent to the following addresses:

the digital version to the email address: zgloszenie@muzyczneorly.pl

the material version to the address: Fundacja „Muzyka do Potęgi”, ul. Tyrolska 3a, 95-020 Wiśniowa Góra



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